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You type your message and a certified IP-Relay operator receives it and voices everything you type to the hearing person.

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– Video chat naturally in the kitchen, out in the backyard, or when doing your food shopping. Call any videophone, one-click call, 3G, 4G, or Wi Fi, first mobile VRS app to have a hot button (e.g. – IP-Relay enables people who are deaf or hard of hearing to use an i Phone or i Pod Touch to quickly and easily call people who are hearing.

The rating is way off: I have a 12-year-old, and I would never let her use this app.

Following the screenshots below, first, you select from story genres.

Q: Can I use my i Pad while watching TV with my spouse? It is correct in all situations to use an i Pad in front of the TV, for a variety of compelling reasons.

For example, you may find the program your spouse is watching to be boring, and wish to fire up your own TV show (remember to use headphones! Or you may need to point out a continuity error by looking up information from Lostpedia.

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