Apostolic interracial dating

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Sometimes it can be hard to get past a feeling of loneliness or jealousy at those disgustingly cute couples walking around campus, but let’s further consider why being unattached is fabulous! There’s no “checking-in” — Kathleen Corlett from Syracuse University attests: “I can think of several reasons to love being single!

At the top of the list, you never have to worry about ‘checking in’ or running plans by a significant other.” When you are single, the only person you have to report to is yourself (and occasionally your parents so they know you are alive).

Another great thing about being unattached is that life is what you make it.

“I think the best part about being single in college is that the possibilities are endless.

You never know what is going to happen or whom you are going to meet.

Although being in relationship can be great, it can also be predictable.

When you’re single, you never know what will happen next!

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gave a radio address entitled "Is Segregation Scriptural?

You promote what you choose to throw your coins to, ladies and gentlemen.

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……………………………………………Dear Robert Morris, Senior Pastor at Gateway Church in Dallas, I believe you owe the folks who have ever loved Mars Hill Church an apology. I watched a Youtube clip of the Gateway Conference in Dallas from a couple weeks ago where you made a little speech about how we ought to think about and behave towards Mark Driscoll. Robert, I would give you a pass if you were a young pastor. one is we could crucify him, but since someones already been crucified for him (big applause).

some of it is, he did make some mistakes”“When I say he made some mistakes, he preached for 10-12 years, 50 weeks a year, sometimes 6 services a weekend. I’m glad that he’s saying ‘help me, help me learn to do it differently.”“here’s what i figure: we’ve got two choices.

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