Dating events using ice

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Therefore, high energy cosmic or solar events should simultaneously create excess Be deposition was apparently offset from trees by 6-7 years, with the ice core chronologies being too old.

These events, as well as tephra markers and historical records of dust veils, were used constrain and evaluate the dating of the ice cores and has led to the creation of a new dating scheme, NEEM NS1 (see figure 1).

Our events are a fun alternative to the bar science and online dating.

It doesn't make sense to spend days and weeks communicating online to later understand that there is no chemistry.

Guys get keys, girls get locks, the game is to find the person you has the reciprocal part. Ice breakers are important because bars already exist–a singles event provides no value add value without it, except that presumably the crowd knows that people might hit on them and it is expected, unlike a regular bar where flirting is done by complicated unconscious and secret signals. Continually restarting a 4 minute conversation with random people.

Groups larger than 40 people are not really speed dating unless held inside an airplane hangar on account of sound problems. Work at a volunteer event doing minimum wage labor for free, then go out for dinner.

Beneath the firn the upper layers of ice in the core correspond to a single year or sometimes a single season.

Deeper into the ice the layers become more compressed and annual layers become indistinguishable.

The new chronology also shows that the GICC05 date of 1104 for a volcanic horizon attributed to the historical eruption of the Icelandic volcano Hekla is erroneous.

The ice core produced a useable record extending ~100,000 years into the past.

The Greenland ice sheet formed from the incremental build up of annual layers of snow; so the age of the ice increases with the depth of the core.

Obviously a singles book club would try to pick a book that is interesting to both men & women and may be topical to relationships and the like. This would include any special interest group that has high cohesion (same large core of people at all events) So far the only group I’ve seen like this at a church event, although I suppose some work and school environments are like this. A singles party with conversants 40 years apart is wishful thinking on the part of one or the other.

And for some reason women tend to date older men and men date younger women, so the optimal announcement would say something like, women aged x to y and men aged x-1 to y 5.

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