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“My grandparents had a major impact on my brother and me growing up, and they’ve always been 100 percent supportive and really into it, which is pretty awesome,” says the 31-year-old folk and punk-inspired singer/songwriter/guitarist from Langhorne, Penn.“I think it was so clear, growing up, that (having a typical career) was not a path I was going to be able to take, even if I wanted to — and that if anything was going to keep me out of trouble, that would be art or performing or music.“They saw how happy it made me, and, as soon as I started gaining certain accomplishments or making a living at it, it would almost have been crazy to talk me out of doing something that made me happy, that I was also starting to make a living at.”“I think that they didn’t understand, like the first time we went to Italy: ‘There’s somebody in Italy that you’ve never met, who contacted you and now you’re gonna go there for a month and travel around Europe? “I’m like, ‘This is what I’ve always wanted, this is the way this life goes.’ So now they get it.

They’re still my Jewish mother and grandmother, but I think now they realize they’re still going to worry a little bit, but I’m not going and getting kidnapped; I’m actually going because people have booked shows, and we’re gonna go play them.”“Usually, when we’re done recording, I would have a CD of rough mixes and play it for my family.

The song is about a player, a terrible womaniser and I likened him to Maradona’s football prowess.

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My partner dare not tell me to choose between him and my career because he knows he would lose out“My song ‘Maradona’ is partly from personal experience and I also pulled from other people’s experience.I’m glad I don’t experience the world as I did back then.I really just wanted to share amazing music by amazing African artists that may not necessarily be mainstream but are immensely talented.The fact that foreign artists can get acclaim and praise just by virtue of being from abroad, yet we have artists here that are just as, or even more talented than some foreign artists baffles me and makes me quite sad.Day 46 of #100Days Of African Music “Supasta” by Kenyan artist, Boneless. This a super fun, aspirational track sung in Kamba, affirming that “I’m a supasta.” Boneless sings about the things he aspires for; driving a BMW, rocking a Patek Phillipe watch and generally living the fabulous life, which he sings about with some fresh humor.

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