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i thought the idea was kind of weird at first, but im really paranoid about the internet and whatnot.

the first time we did it, i was hard before we had even introduced ourselves to our audience, and we pretty much stopped chatting and started fucking within a few minutes.

we need a way for people on this forum, that don't want to comment on a topics because they have to write out a comment. We DO NOT need a capability for readers to "rate" Forum posts. From the Home page of the Model T Ford Club of America website: The focus of our Forum is to provide a place where questions and answers regarding the history, maintenance and restoration of the Model T can be shared.

I think our forum can be best served by increasing more members to participate. That is for people too lazy to make their reasoned point and support it. W2 I agree with Jack, Dennis, and the way it is! If Chris can somehow increase the size for posted pics, which seems to be most of the so-called "complaints", then it'll be perfect. Just can't understand how "like" -"don't like" buttons can fulfill the mission of the Forum.

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Obviously the lines "jaw wired shut to save the dick" from Little Horn originate from this, but I noticed another connection to this dream and it was all the way in the GAOG era: Attractive women with half of their faces decayed as if they were zombies, dancing.

Sure would be nice if the old management there would let us have our own content back finally.

is a new videochat site that leaves you with an undeniably WTF feeling.

We might disagree with the conclusion, but the concluder (sic) solely owns his decision. (Message edited by Adave on December 20, 2014) I think the "Like" - "Disagree" feature on some sites is good for political debate and the color of your daughters lipstick. Seems like everything has to change,.....eventually, whether we like it or not.

Ron the Coilman Dunno but i wanted to see what a live chatroom like they had back in the old days would be like on here, Like every topics listed thing has livechat link added, Back in 2011 there was heaps of livechats going and you sign in as any name and type stuff and people can express themselves. I guess from some of the comments above that I am not the only one that likes this site the way it is. On the Model T discussion site I can't imagine what would be gained with this feature. Advantages of this type forum are: Can take the time to organize thoughts and write them out. Finish a thought before being interrupted by someone else who has a different idea. I can see the day coming when I'll become "un-friended" or something, by a bunch of newbies on this forum, and then what?

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