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The French defeat at the Battle of Restigouche on 8 July 1760 was damaging to the development of the settlement.The Intercolonial Railway, however, was inaugurated in 1876 and Anglophone merchants developed the forestry industry in the early 20th century.

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Our municipal, provincial and national park campgrounds allow you to experience the best of our parks.NATIONAL HISTORIC SITEBuilt for the War of 1812, this circular stone fort played a crucial role in the defence of Saint John and its harbour until 1944. A superstructure dating from WWII portrays the tower’s final function as a fire command post.The tower’s unique architecture spans 130 years of coastal defence technology. To make the most of your visit, plan to spend an hour with us.You can unroll your sleeping bag in peaceful settings deep in the wilderness or park your camper in a riverside spot.Share a habitat with our abundant wildlife and spend your days hiking, canoeing, kayaking and simply enjoying your surroundings.

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