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Australia has been floating the idea of a Pacific economic and political community with a common currency based on the Australian dollar.But the intervention is likely to strengthen feelings among island nations about loss of sovereignty.Gay men walking the streets of Port Moresby are often targeted by local men, particularly those who hail from PNG's highland provinces, and have been raped, beaten and even murdered. Documentary filmmaker and photographer Vlad Sokhin noticed this when he stumbled on the village during his travels."[It's] probably the only place in Port Moresby where they feel safe and many of them, they were born in different places so they moved to Hanuabada village because they are accepted by the local community there," Vlad said.

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He has also been tarred by corruption allegations, surviving a no-confidence vote last year following weeks of protests and civil disobedience urging him to resign.

I've developed a bit of a twang from hanging around with all the Australians.

I can no longer say "water" properly, it comes out like "warder" and I've picked up "fair dinkum" and all that nonsense.

Although life in has not broken down to the same extent as in the Solomons, Australia says it is now time to get tough before it does.

And, however unlikely it may appear that terrorists would choose island states such as the Solomons or to launch attacks on Australia, the argument seems to have public approval at home.

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